The Environmental Control Board (ECB)

The Environmental Control Board (ECB) is an administrative tribunal that provides hearings on notices of violation issued by other City agencies for various "quality of life" infractions of the City's laws and rules as a judicial entity. ECB under the New York City Charter is allowed to enforce City laws that protect health, safety, and a clean environment. ECB does not employ inspectors or agents and does not issue notices of violation. Notice of Violation tickets are issued by the agencies themselves. Search our website for ECB VIolations 

An ECB case starts when an agent for a City Agency writes a Notice of Violation (ticket). The ticket states that a person, business, or other entity has broken one of the City laws that protect health, safety, and a clean environment. That person is called the respondent. The City agency that wrote the ticket is called the petitioner. If a respondent disagrees with a ticket, he or she can have a hearing at ECB. The Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) will listen to sworn statements and look at papers, photos or any other proof you or the agency has brought.

Most NOV's can be resolved without a hearing, depending on the agency that served the ticket; you may admit to the violating rule and correct the problem. However this process does include filing paper and possibly paying a penalty. ECB penalties are some of heaviest fines enforced by the city. If you do not pay, you may be charged higher fines and ECB may file papers with the Civil Court of New York City. This is called docketing a judgment.

Which agencies issues notice of violation tickets (NOV)?

Eleven agencies plus the Police Department write the tickets that the ECB hears. Each agency enforces certain types of violations. Each agency is responsible for enforcing several rules, laws and codes which help keep the city in a safe and clean environment. Below is a list of entities which can have the most impact on a property during a real estate transaction.

For a list of all agencies please refer to the ECB Website

Although the NOVs may vary from different agencies, each type has the same basic elements. These elements include a notice that a property is not in compliance with applicable provisions of law and an order to correct and certify the violating condition. For more information on how to read an NOV Click Here

Open ECB violations, fines and judgments against a person or business may impair the sale or refinancing of a property because a title search will report them. Many homeowners are unaware of the severity and hefty fines that may be due on their property. That's why we make a critical examination upon request to pinpoint these items before they become bigger issues and prohibit a deal to move forward.

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