Department of Transportation (DOT)

The New York City Department of Transportation has many responsibilities, one of their division which impact property owners is TheHighway Inspection and Quality Assurance (HIQA) unit. This unit enforces the laws and rules that govern the way utilities, plumbers, contractors, other governmental agencies, and property owners perform work on the City's sidewalks, roadways and highways. Inspectors also review work sites for compliance with permit stipulations, and issue violations when they find non-compliance with the laws and rules. Under New York's Administrative Code, property owners are responsible for installing, repairing and maintaining sidewalks adjoining their properties. DOT staff inspect sidewalks and notify the property owner of needed repairs. In the event timely repairs are not made by the property owner, the City may hire private construction firms to make the repairs. When this happens, the City bills the property owner for the costs of the repairs. Property owners must also keep their sidewalks clean and are responsible for snow removal.


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